Nostrils and Eyes.
7" single. 45rpm.
1999. Album. CD. 
Collection of site specific projects.
position normal.
2009. Album. Cassette. 
Orange, Green, Red, Pink, Blue.
Cup of Tea.
10" 33rpm. E.P. Vinyl.
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The Bugger Sod.
1996. Single. 7" 45rpm.
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Stop Your Nonsense. Sleeve 2. 
2003. Album. CD.
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Stop Your Nonsense. Sleeve 1.
1997. Album. Vinyl. CD. Yellow Vinyl.
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Goodly Time. Sleeve 2. Silk Screen.
2003. Album. Vinyl. Extremely Limited.
Hand screened by Eley Kishimoto. Birdy Sky. 
Goodly Time. Sleeve 1.
2003. Album. Vinyl. CD.
Sleeve design: Eley Kishimoto. Ocean View.